Rant / Hater / Sick to my Stomach

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been here and I do apologize to the community for being so MIA. Life is just too hectic these days for me to even sit down and ponder the things the that make me happy, mad, sad, and etc. Hopefully this will be the start of me coming back and starting to put my thoughts into words again.


So this morning, I get into work and of course, as most people who work at a desk, there is a routine I follow each and every morning. I have to check this and I have to check that before I can start doing what I should be doing. Lo and behold I come across Amazon and read some reviews for the things I’m selling. I can’t help but wonder if a good portion of this country is illiterate. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m starting to also realize that Amazon is starting to become one of the worst places to find reviews on anything. 

We all love to do our research before our purchases. We work hard for our money and want to be sure that we’ve bought the right thing or that we don’t buy the wrong thing. Places like CNET, Engadget and other review sites are one of many places where we look for product reviews; of course Amazon probably has the largest selection of reviews due to its large traffic flow and customer base. It used to be that I could go on Amazon and really look for quality reviews. I’ve seen my fair share of fake reviews but that’s fine since they usually just describe the product’s expected functionality. To make security even better, Amazon offers some amazing return services so that if I did get duped by some fake review, I can just return it. 

So what’s the problem? My problem is with those people who go in there, leave a fuckin retarded unrelated review, decide to go complaining about how this didn’t work or that didn’t work only to find out that it was their stupidity that caused the item not to work. There are also those that leave bad reviews that don’t even make sense or are completely unrelated. To make matters worse, these nonsense reviews come up in not broken English, but stupid English that make no sense no matter how you read it. Do these benefit me or other customers? Nope. They’re just a waste of time and space and should definitely see the chopping block, but Amazon doesn’t give a shit. It stays there and people find the nonsensical reviews helpful regardless of their inaccuracy. There goes my attempt at a peaceful Monday morning. 


This may seem backwards, but going back to last night. I get called out by a friend at 11:30 PM asking me if I’ll come drink with her because she’s drinking alone. Being the “nice” person that I am, I reluctantly get out of bed and go see what the hell this idiot is doing. I arrive at the bar and she’s sitting there laughing her ass off with another friend she had come with. I ask her friend as to when she got there and she tells me that they’ve been together hanging out the whole day. 

Awesome…I’m fuckin missin out on quality sleep time because of this dumb ass. I grab 2 vodka tonics and sit there wondering what the fuck I’m doing there while these two idiots  go about talking about their depressing lives. I listen in and it’s boy trouble. Great…now I just wanted to go home. Finally, I tell them both after an hour that I’m pooped and will be going home. They decide they should do that too and ask for the check. Would it surprise you if shit hit the fan and things went from bad to worse? Both of them are digging through their wallets and saying that they have no money… At that point I don’t give a shit. I pay for the bill and walk out. I’m already fuming but whatever. I tell them I’ll take them home since they’ve been drinking too much. It’s already 12:30 and I’m about ready to pass out. They keep yelling as I start the car that they want to drink more. Funny thing…they both got in the back seat…so now I’m a fuckin cab driver. 

I told them that I’ll take them to whichever place they wanna go and at that point it’ll be up to them to get home. My friend becomes all pissed and angry that I’m being boring…well, I’m sorry but I do work in the mornings so I need some fuckin sleep. After all this crap she passes out in the back and I just drive both of them home. Luckily one is sleeping over the other’s house so I only have to make one stop. I arrive at the house and my friend storms out of the car without even a thanks for the ride. 

So yeah…Has not been a good start to the week. Needed to rant a bit. 

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