What a Twist

I wanted to participate in today’s daily challenge…I really did.

I looked through blog posts, news articles, magazines, and web articles only to come up with nothing that was NOT interesting.

I came upon this one particular article that shot chills down my spine. I felt disturbed, saddened, and angry all at the same time. 

I’ll share it with you all today as I feel as though the more people know about it, maybe it’ll reach the right person at the right moment and begin a chance for change. You can find that article here.

It’s quite the long article, and I’m not one to sit and read extremely long articles. I skim and get the general gist of news articles, but this one had my attention, not from the first sentence, but from the still frame of the man crying. 

I read through it and my heart broke. Yes, I’m sure that of those 8500 criminals there are many who have been wrongfully held for long periods of time. The few cases that the article refers to just blow my mind. The one mistake of letting one person go led to the gruesome death of another. Another mistake led to the massacre of 5 people. Another leads to the death of a mother and daughter. 

It’s hard to take a stand on immigration as I was at one point an immigrant myself. It baffles my mind even more to think that the country you left in which you still have citizenship in refuses to take you back or feigns ignorance. Those actions led to the death of either related or unrelated people. Is it better to forcefully deport immigrants who have committed crimes and have ended up incarcerated? Not always but there is definitely a need for the government to take a harder look into the problems these cases cause. Trial? Yes, they should get one and be judged by an impartial jury. But those deemed as dangerous to both themselves and the community do need to have a more watchful eye on them as well as a second thought or opinion in deciding their fate. 

I need to collect my thoughts. The words won’t even come out of my mouth fully as the feelings from before are being brought back as I write. Some will argue that there are bigger things to worry about in this world, but when does one life become more important than the other? What makes one problem that causes the death of another become more serious than another problem that causes a different death? Bah. I will be back to discuss this later i suppose.

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