Oh how time has flown by…

That moment… we capture that moment; with our eyes, with our cameras, with our hearts. The image, the sounds, the aroma…we want to capture it all, and sometimes all it takes is a picture.

That moment was three years ago. I took a picture of my lone iced americano. Alone. Just like me at the time. There’s usually that other person across from you with a second cup of coffee, smiling, laughing and sharing with you. But at that moment, it was empty.

Three years have passed since that day and I remember it so clearly.  Why? Because that had all changed. That chair is no longer empty. My cup isn’t the only one there.

Now I have to ask for a third chair. This precious life I call my daughter sits in that third chair. No care in the world. My wife, friend, and companion sits across from me in that empty chair. 

Life is different now. I’m 30. My twenties are over. You can tell me that my youth is also fading. You can tell me that freedom and fun is going to disappear now that I have a kid and a wife. It doesn’t matter to me. My daughter defines my youth. She is the lively part of me living day to day full of smiles. My wife is my fun and my freedom.
My pictures of coffee are never alone any more.

Who would’ve thought. Three years have changed so much in my life.

15 thoughts on “Oh how time has flown by…

      1. It was so much like How I Met Your Mother.
        “Kids, I took this photo five years ago…”

        P.S: I hope you do know/like/love HIMYM.

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