My Book! I Want my BOOK!

Harry Potter. Need I say more? Yes? Fine…

I woke up at 6 AM. Jumped out of bed with enough force to make my feet hurt for a week.

I don’t care. I want my BOOK!

For hours I had panned through my book order sheets. Spent countless hours convincing my parents to allow me to buy this book. The first book had drawn me in and left me wanting the next three with fire! It was 6 AM, before any kind of delivery was to be made, but I sat in front of my door waiting for the sound that signaled the arrival of mail.

3 hours later… I had fallen asleep in front of the door. I got up in panic thinking I may have missed the delivery. Oh how mad I was at myself! If it had been delivered at 8 AM I had wasted an hour of reading time with my new book! “What a cruel world!” was my thought at the moment. I burst through the door only to find that nothing had arrived. I was still safe. Life could still go on. I continued to wait. (It was a Saturday so I had no worries at all.)

An hour later, oh boy did that hour seem like a day, I heard the metal clank outside my house. Mail was here! I ran out forgetting shoes, slippers, or any kind of covering for my feet. To my delight there was a box from the book club that sent out the book orders…It was finally here.

The 2 weeks I had to wait for the books had seemed like a lifetime. The time I spent in front of the door felt like a whole day. Time decided to slow down for me while I waited for these damn books. Forgetting all the other mail, I grabbed my box and ran inside. Tore apart the box. It didn’t matter what was inside; I just knew my books were inside.

It was here. The period of time I had waited seemed like nothing as I held the books in my hands. It was worth it. It was worth the 2 weeks that felt like a life time. It was worth the 4 hours that I had felt was a day. I ran to my room and started reading.

I read all 3 books that day. Time flew by without me knowing. It went by in a flash. My parents had gone to work, come back, and gone to sleep. I didn’t even know. By the time I picked up my head, it was 5 in the morning. I wanted to die from the fatigue but it was well worth it. The time that had passed only felt like an hour even though the whole day had gone without me knowing.

Waiting…the anticipation definitely slowed down the time. It killed me while it was in slow-motion, but the way time moves in fast-forward after what we want is in our hands it is all worth it. I got to read my Harry Potter books. Then time slowed down again as I waited for the new one to be published.


10 thoughts on “My Book! I Want my BOOK!

      1. 🙂 I would love to hear more about your experiences with Harry Potter. What did you get out of the books? Why did you like them?


      2. When I was younger it was a different world. A different kind of book apart from those I had read. Magic brought to something that almost felt tangible rather than the rabbit out of the hat haha. The characters were loveable, despicable, and relatable. It was easy to just get lost in it. And it wad odd. Because they were attending school as well it felt ad if they were growing up with me as odd as that sounds 🙂

      3. That’s really neat. I discovered the books as an adult so I didn’t have the opportunity to grow up with them. Your description sounds like a common experience for a lot of those who did grow up with the books. There is a lot to discover in these books…and the characters are really easy to relate to (at any age really). 🙂


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