Common Sense

People need to learn some common sense. I find it hard to believe when I see people with absolutely no common sense. It’s raining extremely hard so what do you do? Of course you turn on your headlights. Why? Because it helps other people to see your car. So when people ask me why I have lights on during the day when it’s raining, I wait pause for a moment wondering if I really have to answer that question. Sure it’s not so dark that you need your lights on to see in front of you, but when your car windshield is covered with water, the one thing that stands out more than your car is your pair of lights. So why don’t you turn them on when its raining really hard? It’s because you lack common sense. 

I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone here but if this is offensive to you, then you need to do a little reflecting. Is it offensive because I’m completely wrong or is it because you’re too lazy to turn a damn knob that turns on the lights. 

It could also be the fact that you’re so used to your lights turning on automatically, you have no idea if the lights are on or not. I don’t particularly care. If it’s raining that much reach over and make sure they’re on because someone like yourself is going to be the cause of some idiotic accident. 

It’s almost like a person who had a rear view camera installed trying to drive a car without one. Their excuse when they hit a tree in the back is “I’m so used to driving with a camera that I forgot to look back.” Does that excuse undo the damage you’ve done to your car? No it definitely does not. 

The habit of looking for easier ways of living has degraded our society to a certain level. We forget that the old ways of doing something have been in use for that long because of it’s efficiency or because of a lack of a better way. Some people call it being street smart when you have an overwhelming amount of common sense, but please…Common sense is common sense because it’s supposed to be common all people. 

Today I saw a Benz zip by a fairly large puddle with while it was raining and shower a pedestrian with a downpour. Now come on…is that really necessary? Slow the **** down! 

That’s it for today. It just happened to be bothering me today while driving and I felt a need to share.


2 thoughts on “Common Sense

  1. “The habit of looking for easier ways of living has degraded our society to a certain level.” — I have to agree. I once wrote a rant (never published) that I titled “People Are Motherf***ing Idiots”. A sweet little piece in which I vented my spleen about the speed bumps in the Starbucks parking lot. Because the idiots took to speeding through the parking lot as a short cut during rush hour traffic, that necessitated the installation of speed bumps and now I can’t drive away from my Starbucks without my coffee bouncing in the cup holder and spilling everywhere. People taking short cuts, people looking for easier ways of living, it all adds up to too much me-firstism and I commend you for calling it out. Keep up the good writing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and the encouragement! Although they are rants I guess some people do appreciate the writing. It just seems to me that the more shortcuts that people take results in more chances of error thus making more work that it should have been.

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