Started from the bottom

Don’t worry, I’m not about to spit out rap or anything of that sort (if you didn’t get the reference that’s okay too.)

Many times we find ourselves struggling and find no way out. We do all we can to swim out of what seems to be a bottomless pit, a vast abyss that has no end. We don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel nor do we see the blue skies at the top of the well. We cry for help on the inside but no one hears it because we want to be “strong” and keep things to ourselves. We don’t want others to pass judgement on us, call us weak, or look at us any differently than what we’d consider normal. We fail more than once in trying to climb back up, leaving scratch marks along the walls that remind us of our constant failures. 

We manage to climb half way out of our holes, take a deep breath of whatever fresh air we have and continue our attempt to climb out of this hole that just seems to get deeper and deeper. They say that there is always light at the end of the tunnel or that the end is just at our fingertips; what’s the point when we can’t seem to reach that point? It just makes matters worse and the hopelessness that follows drives us deeper into despair as the end just seems unattainable. 

At a certain moment, we give up and let go. We fall into our hole, vast abyss, well or darkness and decide the effort isn’t worth it. We let the darkness swallow us up whole without any thought to spit us back out. We close our eyes and decide the peace and quiet found in this pitch black space is better than the constant suffering. We think and work through our problems. We find out that there were better ways of approaching our failures than dwelling on them. We find answers. They came too late, but a certain peace of mind follows in our solitude.

That’s when it hits us. 

The end seems closer. The light at the end of the tunnel seems brighter. The scratches on the walls of our enclosing seem to have been closer to the exit than we had expected. It fills us with new hope to try again. Rather than being stuck in our pool of despair, we are encouraged and look to climb back out. We find the strength to push through and emerge covered in dirt and grime. We look like the crypt keeper, but we’ve made it out. 

Sometimes it takes hitting the bottom of the well before we can begin to rebuild ourselves. The constant failures in our lives become building blocks to what we believe is success and happiness, only to crumble the moment our foundation cracks. Once everything has broken and we have our time to assess our construction mistakes, we can begin to build properly and continue forward. 

Don’t be discouraged even if life gets you down. It’s natural for life to crumble and feel hopeless at times. We’re all human so at times it’ll get the better of us. Sometimes it’ll require us to start from the bottom and start rebuilding. Keep on moving. Keep on climbing because the end is definitely there.


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