Patience is a virtue, they say. Screw that, I’m sick and tired of that bullshit. 

Working in the service industry, whether it’s in the health industry or customer service industry, has made me realize that patience isn’t just a virtue; it’s a requirement. Why is it that courteous service is also a requirement when coming from my end and yet those who call in have the audacity to be a rude bastard half the time. Didn’t someone teach you the golden rule? Treat others as you would treat yourself? So why is that not understood when it comes to this business?

I’ve come to realize that we treat those who are on the other end of the phone to be either lower than us or that we’re just substantially better than they are. Go work on the other side for a bit; you’ll understand. 

I’ve had people yell, scream, curse and whatever else you can think of over the phone and yet the only thing I can do is apologize or try to appease this idiot’s unjustified anger. For once, I’d love to pick up one of those phone calls and give them what they’ve got coming to them, but I can’t; I’d lose my job. 

I’ve developed an odd amount of patience over the years, or so I thought. I thought i was patient and kind and whatever fluffy bullshit I can come up with but I’ve realized I’m quite the opposite. My patience is a cover for the stacking plates of anger and frustration that seem to either come out on paper(like on this blog) or to someone who I feel can relate to. It’s not patience; it’s more like a ticking time bomb. Kind? Probably just so that you feel comfortable and don’t notice me being such an ass. 

You call in about something you bought three years ago and you’re complaining to me about it? God damn, throw that shit out and go buy something else; it probably wasn’t meant to last that long anyway. 

I hand you a good deal on a silver platter that I spent time organizing and you tell me that I’m a crook trying to steal money? You can suck it because I’m not forcing you to buy from me. You’re the ass that asked me to see if I can give you a deal; ungrateful bastard.

Am I angry? Sure! But it blows over once I get it out. Then I’m back to my so-called patient, kind self again. Believe me when I say it; most people in the service industry are not as patient as they seem to be. We’re people and we’re allowed to be irritated. Yes, you are paying our salary but isn’t that why we try to give you the best service possible? Given some service people are assholes too, but is it necessary for those who are actually courteous and helpful to receive such nasty treatment? 

I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this post to be honest. I’m sure some people will take offense to it and some will probably agree with it. But in the end, this is my outlet and this is my sanctuary as of the moment so if you’re offended, I’m sorry but suck it up. If you agree, then great! Join my circle of anger and we can vent together. 

So here it is people. Treat people with some sort of decency. You can talk behind their back or do whatever for all I care, but when you’re face to face or speaking to someone, know your god damn place because quite frankly, I don’t care who you are. You are no better than I am so there’s no reason for you to be an ass to me and vice versa. 


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