I thought being alone was supposed to be easier

Judging by the title of this post, you’d believe I was talking about romantic relationships. I guess to a certain degree I am but it goes a little deeper than that. 

I was watching some TV show yesterday about certain Korean Kpop stars that have had hard upbringings despite the excess amount of smiling and laughing they do on TV. A lot of them seemed to come from rough childhoods in which either the family was poor or they were lacking the support of their parents whether it was through divorce or just disapproval. 

The drive to succeed sometimes comes from the idea that the moment we become successful, we can burn our bridges and be apart from what we believe hold us back. In this case, many believed that their struggles would disappear the moment they became famous; that these things could be forgotten the moment success became incorporated into their lives. 

It’s quite the opposite.

These stars still cling on to what was their past and cry, tear up, or just become silent when they think back to those hard times. Those hard times are a part of them that they couldn’t let go of and also a part of them that makes them who they are. The desire to come out of poverty or a bad situation was enough of a motivation to push these stars to become who they are. In order to avoid a life in such desolate lives, there was no such things a limit; everything had to be above and beyond. Most of all, they cling to their families regardless of the past because they are family. Yes, sometimes we want to be alone. We believe it would be somewhat easier if it was just us on this earth, but ultimately you realize that its lonely. 

It’s lonely to be in a big empty house. It’s lonely to look to your right and find no one is there to answer your question or to laugh at your jokes. It’s lonely. 

Same with romantic relationships. Why do people search for their partner? Men and women proudly boast about their single lives and how much they enjoy it. Before you know it, they’re married or wanting a relationship. It’s lonely to be on your own; you’ll realize it before you know it. 

You can definitely read this post and say, “He’s full of shit. It’s okay to be single and I’m okay with it.” Yes you are single but how many people do you keep around you? Do you have friends you lean on? I’m sure you do. To a certain degree, a romantic relationship and a friendship is no different. These people stay by your side through the dark times and the happy times, times that are shared rather than experienced alone. We seek human interaction whether its in person or through outlets such as blogs or other social networks. Even Adam was lonely so Eve came into play. 

Yes, I’m sure I am wrong in so many different ways but I don’t care. This is how I perceive the world around me right now. Everyone needs someone, friend or lover. Companionship seems vital for our survival no matter how bad the past was. We can force ourselves to believe that we are sustainable as a human being regardless of our existence of companionship or not, but I believe it is crucial. Look around you and you’ll know what I mean. Some of you may even agree with me.


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