A World on Fast Forward



Where are the days when we could press the play button instead of the fast forward button in our lives? What do I mean by that? I just mean that everyone is in a god damn rush wherever they are; it doesn’t matter who it inconveniences. They will be rude, impatient, and nasty as long as they get whatever it is they need in a timely manner

I’m definitely not excluding myself when i say that the world is on fast forward. Society the way it is has designed us and altered us to be impatient people always on a deadline. We need to get to our destination 3 minutes quicker so we’ll speed twenty to fifty miles over the limit. We’re gonna get stopped at the traffic light, but we need to be ahead of the car in front of us. I’m impatient. I want things done now. Waiting is not part of my life, and it is something I dislike greatly. 

Hopefully some people can relate to me up until this point. I think impatience is something that can’t be helped because of how we’ve been altered by the society we live in. Being rude and inconsiderate is a whole other issue. It is unnecessary and quite frankly quite depreciating to your image regardless of how much you can support it as having spoken up to help others. 

I was at a ShopRite yesterday and while waiting on line at the service desk, the line grew to five people. two before me and three behind me. The lady at the 4th position of the line started to grumble and complain to me and the the customer behind her saying, “how is there only one person at the desk when there’s such a long line here.” It seemed like some of the other service desk employees had gone on break or lunch and there was one girl there who looked miserable because the person in position 1 and 2 were being difficult as it is. She was processing things pretty fast, mind you, and yet those same two people just kept coming up with either ridiculous questions or questions they had asked about three times already. 

I told myself that I’d just wait patiently. The impatient part of me wanted to just leave and come back later, but I decided to wait. It had only been five minutes; it wasn’t going to kill me. I could hear this lady behind me continue to get louder and finally she did it. 
“Why aren’t there more people here? Do you not see other people are waiting? How is it that there’s only one person here to take care of 5 people while you’re slowly working on two.”

My god. I wanted to turn and smack this lady across the face with whatever I could grab. It didn’t matter that she was maybe in her late sixties. Being old doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole. You could see the stress on the girl’s face as she kept hearing the old lady bitch and moan about having to wait an extra five minutes. Demanding to see a manager because this girl was working inefficiently and how the whole store was inefficient. If the store pisses you off that much, go somewhere else! No one asked you to shop here. What the hell is your problem?

What happened to compassion? What happened to knowing that dealing with other people has got to be the hardest damn job on this planet? The customer is always right? Bullshit! When there’s nothing wrong being done, what the hell makes her the judge of what’s being done right and wrong? Take a damn seat on the floor if you have to and wait a few more minutes. 

I bought my stuff and waited around to see why she needed to throw such an unreasonable bitch-fit. Of course. Cigarettes. Bought one pack and left. She ruined a girl’s day for a pack of cigarettes. You’d think we’re in the stone ages where only one store offers cigarettes. 

We’re supposed to be more developed and smarter now right? Does common sense fail you in telling you that a simple employee is not the one responsible for how a store is run? Does it strike you as odd when I tell you that there are store managers, directors and other upper management positions? If you’ve got a legitimate complaint, call in later and address it. Don’t go around making other people feel like shit because you need to feed your nicotine addiction. 

So I’ll end it like this. Yes we are a generation on the fast track and yes, we do want things to be done a lot faster now compared to before, but please don’t be an asshole about it. Those workers are people too and they have horrible shitty days when you make it that way for them for unjustified reasons. Slow things down. There’s no skip function on your life so just you’re stuck with the same time as everyone else. Slow things down a bit and stop being that person who goes around ruining peoples days and lives for no reason at all. 


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