If only…if only



**Photo Credit to Jan Kriwol (photos) | Le Club Ostecx Agency: Ostecx Creative.**

If only life was this easy right? 

In so many situations we ask ‘if only this…and if only that.’

“If only the basket was 3 feet lower, I’d be able to dunk.”

“If only I could lose weight like you did, I’d have nothing else to ask for”

These statements or wishes or whatever you want to call them make things seem unattainable.

Since when has the human race looked at hardship and said, “oh god that’s just not possible. I’m not even going to bother.” If that was the case, we probably would’ve died out long time ago. If we decided that hunting was food was just way too hard and that battling an elephant or a buffalo was impossible, the human society as we know it would probably not exist. You may say that there are those who at vegetables and those who scavenged for food. What about when farming wasn’t around? What about when all the available food had been gathered and the only source of food wasn’t available for another couple months? People had to adapt. 

The picture above is just ridiculous for me. Of course I’ve said my own fair share of “if only” statements, but when I sit here and think about how lazy and pathetic it is, it makes me cringe. 

When we begin to think by saying “if only” we take ourselves and our potential to reach the goal out of the equation and place this thing on an unreachable pedestal. Why do we do it? because we’re lazy. Lazy to the point where we want something done for us rather than do it ourselves. The basket is 10 feet high and you want to dunk? If you want it that badly, there are ways to work out your legs and the rest of your body so you can reach it. Want to lose weight? Get off the couch and go do it. I don’t blame anyone for thinking this way because I was and probably still am the same. Now that I’ve come to this conclusion, I want to change that aspect of my thoughts and apply my drive and desire to something progressive. Why stay still when I can move? Is someone going to live my life out for me and accomplish my goals? Hell no! People are busy doing their own things or even wishing for something on their own. Why is the world going to bend over backwards for your needs?  

J.K.Rowling said this, “I am very frustrated by fear of imagination, I don’t think that’s healthy.” 

Fear of imagination. I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but if I look back to what I’ve just wrote and to the thoughts swimming inside my head, I realize that such a thing is very much alive and living among us. We sell ourselves short on our imagination. They say children are so adventurous and free because their imagination runs wild; why can’t we do the same? I find that the one thing children don’t have until a certain age is the fear of falling. Many times people will hold back on where their imagination takes them because of the fear of failing. That fear of failing forces you to believe that because there is a chance of failure, you won’t even bother to try. As a result, that dream or result of your imagination becomes out of reach even before even having tried. 

Kids will try and fail repeatedly only to repeat the process over and over again. You allow a crawling infant to walk over a see-through floor with no borders, he’ll do it. You allow an adult to attempt it, the hesitation from knowing that there may be no floor is enough to stop him from doing it.  

In the end, life is just too short to hold ourselves back. To look back on our lives later and say “I should have done that” makes it too late. Be proactive. Take the risks. Walk as an infant who has never done so will try regardless of any knowledge of walking.Nothing comes for free and nothing happens instantaneously. Work hard for what you want, reap what you sow, and pat yourself on the back for your efforts later. Change your “if only” statements to “I want” statements and follow through. Even if you fail, you’ll never regret not having tried it at least once. 



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